Quinn Services Newsletter No. 3

This will be a short newsletter, about an opportunity for an energy efficiency grant that you may not be aware of. 

While working to help one of my clients prepare, submit, and manage a federal Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant to upgrade their heating system, someone drew my attention to another program that was not as well-known.

There is an organization called the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation that provides grants for infrastructure improvements that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.   Part of the reason that this wasn’t on our radar screen is that it was funded originally by a $225 million endowment from Commonwealth Edison.  One might think that since most of us don’t get our power from them, that we would be ineligible.  But the program is open to any Illinois Community, with emphasis on helping  government and non-profit organizations.

The website for the organization is at http://www.illinoiscleanenergy.org/.  The schedule for various elements of the program are in that website.  For example, there is a lighting upgrade program that has an application deadline of September 16, 2011.  The grants are competitive, in the sense that the best projects (per their criteria) will be the ones awarded in a given cycle.

Our client was interested in this for other areas in their facility that had not been included in the existing federal block grant.  What I learned was that for a lighting efficiency grant, if it was awarded, it was simply a payment of $500 per kilowatt of energy efficiency achieved.  As a test, I applied that formula to the project we were doing under the federal grant.  We were saving a little more than 2 kilowatts with that project, so the money that the Illinois Clean Energy grant would have provided was significant, but not as much as we were able to get from the block grant.

Nevertheless, this is another source of funding for your energy efficiency projects that you may wish to consider.   And you can use this funding to add to other funds, like the federal block grants and Ameren and DCEO programs, to help pay your local share.

Feel free to contact me if  you would like me to evaluate a specific project for which this might interest you.



About quinnserv
Quinn Services is a Municipal Administrator Services Company. It supports small to medium governments by providing management services for temporary or high importance projects, at a cost less than alternatives such as using an Engineering or Law Firm.

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