Introduction to Quinn Services Newsletter

Welcome to the Quinn Services Newsletter. I’m Terry Quinn.

I will be using this medium to provide updates on how Quinn Services is helping its current customers, and to describe any new services I might offer. I also plan to send out notices from time-to-time that will inform you on events that may be of importance to you. An example of that was the email that I sent out to some of you last June, with information of the opening of the IDOT Transportation Enhancement funding cycle.

One such announcement right now is that the DCEO “Hurricane Ike” Disaster Assistance program has a deadline for application on January 31st, 2011. This program provides grant assistance for public infrastructure that was damaged due to storms that occurred in 2008. 41 counties are eligible, including Peoria, Woodford, and Livingston, but not Tazewell. More information is in a Powerpoint Presentation at this site: If you have trouble opening it directly, try saving it first to your computer, and open it from there.

The reason I am using WordPress rather than just emails is that it is easier to read, and the information will remain here for your future reference. It also serves as an easy way for my potential new clients to learn more about Quinn Services. There are some links on the right side of this Newsletter page that include information about the company.

Finally, Quinn Services is a new concept that hasn’t been done before in Central Illinois. So you might say that it is really an experiment. That is why your feedback is very helpful. While I always want my clients to feel free to call me with any ideas or concerns, this discussion medium offers another means to communicate. I’ll use that input to make improvements and offer more value to you.

As I did with this message, I’ll email you a link whenever something new is posted here.

This seems like a good place to stop for now. Please feel free to offer your suggestions on future topics that would be helpful to you.

Finally, thank you for reading this.

Terry Quinn, P.E.


About quinnserv
Quinn Services is a Municipal Administrator Services Company. It supports small to medium governments by providing management services for temporary or high importance projects, at a cost less than alternatives such as using an Engineering or Law Firm.

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